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The Minneapolis Sound

BMA Digital Network Program Lineup (times and programs subject to change)

5 - 9am CST  Jay Johnson & Company
9a-2p CST    "Mid-Day Grooves" Pam Gibson
2p-6p CST  Sean Andres
6p-11p CST Ron Chavis
11p-5am CST Hollywood Overnite

6a - 10p CST 6a-10a Saturdays Weekend Grooves
10a-12noon Cafe Mocha
1pm to 10pm BMA Video Spotlights
Saturdays & Sundays 12 noon-1pm Timeless Traxx with Tyrone DuBose
Saturdays & Sundays 12 noon-1pm
6a-10a CST Gospel Inspirations
10a-10p CST Old School Sunday BMA Jazz Jamz

Watch BMA Live Digital on Comcast Channels 14 and 937-Minneapolis and St. Paul

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