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Welcome to The Urban Mass Media Group

Creative Branding
Bully Creative

Creative Branding

UMMG in conjunction with Bully Creative Shop offers cultural specific creative marketing, communications, and media services. UMMG combines our multimedia platforms to develop direct deliver of client messages. Our media services offers years of combined experience in community connection, outreach, creative design, production and communications to targeted markets.

The Urban Mass Media Group and Bully Creative team understand the urban culture and our mission is to enhance awareness to the issues, products and services with messages targeted to the urban communities.

About UMMG

We offer multiple information content and entertainment platforms to enhance and expand audience appeal and provide community awareness of products and services within the growing diverse markets we serve.

UMMG provides cultural specific content for radio, TV and online audiences with exclusive entertainment programs, products and services for multi-ethnic audience communication and marketing outreach.

Our companion website, is the number three listed destination site on goggle search for black music information and link resources. Our mission is to promote, preserve and recognize contributions to arts and media from diverse communities. We invite you to join and enjoy our group efforts.

Pete Rhodes and Kim Bedell are the founders of the Urban Mass Media Group and its affiliated services. UMMG is a leading interactive media service, reaching households through digital cable delivering multimedia content encompassing video, audio and enhanced graphics to more than 1 million consumers of urban arts and culture. Founded in 1984, UMMG proven model deliver localized programming and marketing services through its company owned channels on Comcast Cable in Minneapolis and St. Paul (channels 14 & 937).

The UMMG companion website,  is a information resource has been used by over 20,000,000 visitors worldwide since its inception.

UMMG services provide:
  • Cultural specific content for radio, TV and online audiences
  • Multimedia program development and distribution services
  • Multi-ethnic audience communications and marketing

UMMG is proud to provide marketing options for products, programs and services within our integrated multimedia platforms to communicate client messages to diverse communities.

UMMG Coverage & Capabilities:

  • 25-54 diverse communities, 60% female to male audience
  • Available to over a quarter-million Twin Cities residents
  • Established cable TV and music services with BMA Channel 937
  • Exclusive entertainment (adult urban music, original video spotlights, lifestyle shows)
  • 150,000 monthly site visitor, top 5 search engine listing (
  • Extended social network marketing platforms on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter

Our story comprises twenty-five years of commitment to excellence in cultural specific communications. Thank you for your consideration of the Urban Mass Media Group and the communities we serve

Urban Mass Media Group
90 S. 11th Street Suite 276
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: 612-341-2447