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The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder called her our state's "First Lady of Song." The Star Tribune called her a "pre-eminent" vocalist in the local jazz scene. She called herself "ridiculously picky" when it comes to material, but, she told Local Current blogger Simone Cazares in 2018, "I know a tune when I hear one."

Duncan was born and raised in Detroit, moving to Minnesota in 1984 to take an opportunity singing with an orchestra at Rupert's Nightclub in Golden Valley (now known as the Metropolitan Ballroom). She found a new home in the Twin Cities' jazz community, and became a regular presence on stages including, recently, Crooners and the Dakota Jazz Club.

Duncan opened for many big names who came through – Herbie Hancock, DeeDee Bridgewater, Miles Davis, Lou Rawls – and did some touring to Paris, New York and Qatar (she always wanted to travel more). When she wasn’t singing, she was out on the town, listening to other singers and bands, a consistently positive show of support.

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